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Friday December 19th 2008 Review

Not a bad weekend overall.

Let's start with Friday December 19th 2008

Oilers and Ducks - Hiller kep the Ducks in this one no doubt 51 saves on 53 shots. .962 save %? You can't ask for more. Edmonton continues to struggle and it shows in their 3rd period play.

Jersey and Sens - Easy win for the Devils as the Sens continue to show everyoen that they truly are one of the worst teams in the league. Perhaps a wipeout of players wouldn't hurt after all. Elias with 2 goals and 2 assists showed soime life in his season,and New Jersey continues to do well without Martin Brodeur.

Buffalo and the Kings - 5-0. What more is there to say? Miller played a phenomenal game,and proved that maybe he could still have a fantastic year after a slump throughout November. Not much to say more than that.

Hawks and Flames - Patrick Kane has to be the most under-rated player in the NHL. Sure he's talked about but never highly- praised as he should be. Who is Jonathon Toews? He hasn't done anything to impress me this year and injuries will prevent him from being an all star. with the overtime goal he lifted Chicago to yet another victory and maybe sight for the post-season.

Wild vs Isles - Pretty boring game in which the Wild handed NYI their 19th loss of the season Koivu with yet another goal continues to shwo he's number one in Minnesota.

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December 17th 2008 Nightly Review

Not a bad night,but nothing spectacular. Here's the news.

Flames and Wild - Kippur stood tall throughout the entire game and got the W in OT. Gabrorik returns with a goal and a helper.Possibly showcasing for a trade this March?

Vancouver over Oilers - What's the deal with Oil these days? When cost goes down so does the team? Whatever the reason,they need to get thigns going or they can forget a playoff series! On the opponent's side,Daniel Sedin continues his hot hand scoring 2 and helping out on 1.Maybe Mats Sundin would fit right in the middle of the Brothers?

Rangers squeak by Kings - The Rangers seem to have everything going wrong and are barely winning when they need to.Barely winning a game causes you to be mentally unstable for the next one because you lack the confidence you need to win.However,they are getting the W's.So whatever they are doing their getting lucky. Although LA seems to have picked up some steam running into Christmas and some of the team have decided they may want a shot at a playoff spot this year. Roszival kept this one in the books for the Rangers adding two goals to his year total.

COLUMBUS over San Jose?! - How is is that one of the worst teams manages to pull off an OT upset? Easy answer,belief.Right from the get-go Columbus thoguth "Who are these guys to not be beaten?" They showed up ready to win and ready to take a bite out of the Sharks. And with the magnificent goaltending from Steve Mason,making 47 saves they got what they needed which was the big 2 points.

Finally, Jersey over Buffalo - Buffalo continues their struggles and Jersey continues their rise to the top of the conference. Elias had a great game,with 2 helpers and Clarkson has stepped it up as of late. Pretty boring game as usual for anything the Devils play.

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December 16th 2008 Review

Wow, what a night in the NHL!


Leafs over Devils in the leafs first deserving Shootout win of the year. Nifty little goal by Blake. Good job boys in blue.

Sens struggle again,this time against a fellow horrible opponent. They need to get things together or they're done.Again. Atlanta played very well,with Kovalchuk playing a great game as well.

Blackhawks! Can this be for  real? The former crappiest team in the league has had a magnificent turn around since Quenneville has been around, and it doesn't hurt to have a great young superstar powerplay,Kane and Brouwer helped the hawks hand an embarrassing defeat to the Oilers of Edmonton. They continue their play as of late,they will be in the post season.Finally.

Habs and Canes. This was a no brainer,the habs have not been themselves as of late. They haven't been playing like it's their 100th Year. Liek they "Deserve" to have all 5 starters for the all-star Game which is a crock. Staal nailed home two goals off the bat and that pretty much sealed the deal when Corvo added one to take it 3-2.

Philly Steak anyone? I am pretty impressed  by the two men on the team.Oh did i just say that out loud? It's the truth and everyone knows it,without Carter and Richards they would be nowhere Gagne is good but not great,and what a better line for the powerplay they played a great game and deserved the W,good thing I have Richards AND Carter in MY fantasy pool!

Dallas and Coyotes. With Turco possibly turning the team around finally the Stars have been on somewhat of a roll. It doesn't hurt that Eriksson had a good game which comes few and far between.But, nonetheless,a pretty boring game.

Capsational! I think it is amazing that since Ovechkin has returned from his ill grandfather,he has been unstoppable as projected as usual. It seems when I think of what happened during his visits with his grandfather was like a Disney movie scene,where the grandfather lying in the hospital with Ovechkin leaning over him and the grandfather telling him to just go out there and win and he gets inspired and has done just that. Sounds far fetched,but ,wouldn't doubt it. As for the Isles,my favourite asian since Jim Paek...wait the only asian since Jim Paek.Regardless seems to like it in Long Island,and is playing well for them.


Ducks and Rangers. This was a tightly contested battle and for good reason both teams want to be the best there is but neither of them are.They are full of cocky players and thats what causes bad seasons following good ones.Not much to say about this game pretty boring especially when Nigel Dawes is the #1 star.

Flamin' Flames! Someone put them out! or don't! Captain Jerome continues to get his team in the win column with his stellar performances,such as last night's 4 point show. Lombardi with 3 also had a fantastic game and I really liked the way Kippur played.


That was it for the night but there were a lot of stellar performances from all over and more than one SHG! wow!

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December 16th 2008

Welcome to this week's Blog.

Please feel free to discuss anythin on the week/night of hockey. I want to get the opinion of people as the week goes on,I don't want to hear about things that happened two months ago or predictions on what could happen. I want to know about yesterday's game or tonights game.

Happy Blogging!

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